38 Eutah St , Jackson , TN 38301


JTA advertising is one of the few outdoor advertising venues permitted within the downtown area. Our bus ads travel with over 1,000 people every day and over 300,000 miles per year. An illustrated bus provides a 30-foot moving billboard that demands attention. JTA bus ads appear all month, building frequency…and frequency creates familiarity. Multiple daily impressions are made to residents and workers in the city of Jackson. Our bus routes pass through shopping districts, thus bus displays become point-of-purchase advertising. Most bus routes begin and end in the downtown area with 124 trips made each weekday on 7 routes. In addition, bus ads can stand alone or work together with other media, and these ads are never zoned out of residential areas.

JTA does not allow the entity that purchases the ad space to transfer the space to a 3rd party.

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