38 Eutah St , Jackson , TN 38301

History of JTA



[1] The 12 buses ran almost the same routes as the electric cars and ran 7 days a week for 16 hours each day.


[2] (1952) Mr. Stanley McNulty, owner of the Jackson City Line, started running the transit system. Operation hours were changed with Mr. McNulty at the helm with no service on Sundays or Holidays.


[3] Immediately after the start of the Jackson Transit Authority the gasoline buses were sold and diesel fueled buses were put into service.


[4] The service has been named "The Lift." All riders of this service are unable to ride the regular fixed route service because of a disability.


Today the Jackson Transit Authority has 13 fixed route buses and 7 paratransit buses in service. JTA's

contingency fleet is made up of 1 fixed route bus. All of JTA's vehicles are lift equipped in accordance with ADA.


JTA has changed the bus routes many times in the past years to keep up with the fast growth of Jackson, without increasing operational hours. These changes have been made because of surveys of current ridership trends, and staying involved and informed of future trip generators popping up around Jackson.

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