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JTA Board Meetings
JTA Board meetings are normally held at noon on the last Thursday of each month, the next Board meeting will be Thursday, June 30, 2016 at 38 Eutah Street. Public comments may be made at the beginning of the Board meeting. Please limit your comments to 3 minutes. Please call Johnny Gullett @ 731.423.0200 x104 if you would like to be put on the agenda.

 New service/change to the Vo-Tech route: Starting Monday Feb 3rd, our schedule to Vo-Tech - Park Place will take effect.

7:30 - Vo-Tech

8:30 - Park Place

9:30 - Vo-Tech

10:30 - Park Place

11:30 - Vo-Tech

12:30 - Park Place

1:30 - Vo-Tech

2:30 - Park Place

3:30 - Vo-Tech

4:30 - Park Place

5:30 - Vo-Tech

Bus-Tin Loose The Service
Bust loose this Summer! Get where you want to go fast and easy. Use the JTA Bus-Tin Loose Bus Pass anywhere, anytime. It’s your ticket to summer fun! Here’s how it works! Purchase your Bus-Tin Loose (one month, must be 18 or under) pass and ride UNLIMITED times in the months of June, July, and/or August.

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$ 4.00

$ 1.25

Student/Youth (18 and under, to & from school zone or a valid college student ID):   $ 1.00
Senior Citizens/Disabled & Medicare Card Holders with JTA ID (call JTA office for eligibility requirements):   $ 0.60
Children (4 and under with supervision):   Free
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